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Welcome to ATW's Beta, we're still deciding on several things so feel free to take a look into the IDEAS//SUGGESTIONS//ANSWERS forum. You may register onto the site even though it's yet to be officially opened. If you're a registered member you may receive awards for being a beta tester, beta suggester, etc.


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Post by TRAINWRECK on Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:27 pm

I trust you guys to generally behave yourselves and use your common sense. Please be respectful to one another and remember that in some cases you need to be mature. Be sure to include everyone, don't just ignore people that's rude. Refrain from starting drama out of character because we won't tolerate it. Don't be dirtbags to each other and have fun role-playing. The site is rated PG-13, cussing is allowed (just don't make it excessive), and please don't post or utilize images that are explicit. Please don't spam either and don't post in old or dead topics.
Please follow the role-playing etiquette. Please do not power play, god mod, or meta-game. When role-playing please be sure to wrap ooc text with brackets or parenthesis in order to make it clear that it was out-of-character (ooc) and not in-character (ic).
You may create however many characters you can keep up with and if you ever lose interest in playing them try having them adopted out or ask in the moderation forum for your character to be archived.

Characters do not need last names; however, you may incorporate them for family tree purposes. Keep in mind that ATW allows characters to be any sexuality and/or gender.

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